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Why We Fight

2016 | 00:17:12 min | Canada | English | Experimental Film | Colour

Guyana is a land that embodies the values, stories, and memories that I attributes to my Caribbean identity. This film acts as an question — what is the diaspora’s role and responsibility towards the country? The project juxtaposes personal inquiry, with letters from the diaspora, and the lives of four individuals living in Guyana.  We explore how countries like Guyana are represented in the western media, and how harmful stereotypes may trickle into the identities of people of colour. This film seeks to strike a balance by bridging nostalgia with contemporary beauty by addressing colonial and tourist tropes, violence, and political cynicism with the responses of real people. The film includes music from the Toronto band The Most Loyal, Guyanese legend Ram John Holder, and the voices of Rupert Roopnaraine, Lloyda Nicholas-Garrett, and Eze Rockcliffe.

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